I live in california
I adore food
I love love
Can’t live without laughter
can’t live with ignorance
My favorite people are happy people
circus is my kind of fun
I want to meet everyone and anyone
awe__some is my favorite word
I laugh until the pig snort
I cry until no more
I love ned, the evil dog with missing teeth, and a underbite
I am serious about the circus part by the way
love animals, anything with fur
I adore old couples in love, strolling in the park
they make me believe in eternity
I’m afraid of the dark, but love stars
terrified of the unknown, yet excited when it comes
I design for a living,
feel free to tip the designer’s cookie jar
I live colors, bright colors
design is my passion, it’s my lover.


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3 responses to “me=)

  1. i heart lilyqiu and liqiu ;)…keep writing, keep staying beautiful and keep channeling your creative perfections…

    love, love, love…

  2. THANKS! will try my best! you too! stay fabulous!!!

  3. Isabell

    Love your blog! Hope you are well.

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