New obsession

I am obsessed with Pinterest, where you can “pin” images that you like onto digital moodboards. it really helps me stay organized and inspired. it has now become one of my favorite sites. it’s not perfect, but sure is fun to play with!


Rock Art

little drops of love
little moments of smiles

little pieces of my heartbe my pretty little pet rock

did i mention i am in love?

as artists and graphic designers. tools are very important in our lives, they help us translate our creativities onto paper/computer. inkling is a new wacom must have item. i can’t wait for it to come out in mid sept. that is $200 i will be sure to spend.

bring out your chalkboard

Found on design for mankind
can’t wait to actually have a house and do this=) maybe even directly on the wall

under water photography

there is something beautiful and sexy about these photos from erin mulvehill

more here

top 10 places to find a graphic design job

As a freelancer, places to look for projects and jobs are so valuable, here is one post i found very useful from

Top Ten Websites to Find Graphic Design Jobs

1. Coroflot

Corflot hosts over 80,000 graphic design portfolios and currently has over 700 job listings. Jobs are organized into a variety of design related categories. You can even subscribe to their job listing rss feed and get personalized job alerts!

2. Behance

The Behance job board is new, but growing fast so be sure to check their listings before the competition gets even rougher! I’ve seen some hidden gems hiding in their graphic design job board.

3. Authentic Jobs

Authentic jobs lists hot new graphic design jobs every week, both full-time and part-time.

4. AIGA Design Jobs

The AIGA’s reputation speaks for itself and its design jobs section is a great place to find some amazing job opportunities. Many large and well respected companies look for new and or experienced designers here.

5. Krop

Krop is one of the largest and most well known websites to find graphic design jobs. It has been around for a long time and new jobs are listed often by top agencies and design studios. more


I love how the way we feel reflect in our hand writing, you can see the emotion in every stroke. slowly losing control
via here

one day you will be mine

how amazing is this, this can be used as an office or living space.. the site has pictures of how this is made, love it!

shelf appeal

how cute is this, would love to see this on a shelf

via here

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