Back to basics

sometimes i wish we can go back to basics, live on a farm, grow my own vegetable, take care of my own animals… though i know i won’t last more than a week.. but one can dream and wonder.

Babylonstoren is a beautiful farm near Cape Town where you can escape the noise of city life, where you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding, eat amazing food, and go back to basics.

one day…



YES, i have been MIA for a long while=)

so what happened?

moved three times within the last one and half months,

discovered many things about myself

got a job=) YES!

go another contract! YES

endless of dinners, and laughters

a trip to LA with fabulous girlfriends

a trip to seattle with an amazing girl

in love with mac pro =)

even more in love with a certain someone=)

life is good=)my new home for the next month=)

post it

I went to a Design school class today, and totally enjoyed it. wish i can be a student again! it feels so great and alive to be in a design classroom.

just need to find other ways to motivate myself and keep learning=)


I love how the way we feel reflect in our hand writing, you can see the emotion in every stroke. slowly losing control
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size does not matter

as long as you have the courage of a German Shepard, you can take over the world, one dog at a time.

via do not remember where don’t sue me, i just love your picture too much=)

happy friday!

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learning how to look at the bright side

I put so much value of who I am on the type of job I have, so now as an unemployed freelancer, my confidence is at all time low. I realize job is only a fraction of who I am, but why do i care so much? last week, when finally work was picking up, finally life is busy with a little bit of purpose again. I lost my laptop, (yes, i am talking about it like a person=)) lost weeks worth of work.. yes, there is no need to be dramatic, but it just felt like another blow, another fall. Just a  little sick up of trying, just a little.

It’s time to learn how to look at the bright side of life.
Time to learn to breath when things go wrong, learn to stand up after falling down, learn to push through the god damn fog to sunshine.

So, learning to look at the bright side=) I am surrounded by great friends and family, everyone’s healthy. AND spring is coming! my favorite season, when all things start to grow again, no matter how bad the winter was, no matter what happened. Spring will renew all life, and all that has passed. it’s a fresh start.

new year resolution: swimming

this past weekend, my lovely friend offered to teach me how to swim. it is not an easy task=) my mom, a swimming champion tried to teach me since i can walk; now 25, and still can’t swim. so this past sunday, determined to learn this once and for all, we went to the aquatic center on campus, a fabulous outdoor heated pool. surprisingly, I loved it, every moment of it. can’t wait to go again, thanks! friend.=)

usually this is what i look like when i swim=)

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