yet, again

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i thought i was better, i thought i would never do it again,

yet, again!
I locked myself out of my apartment again, luckily i have some wonderful friends as neighbors who saved me from a night in my car or worst! the EV hall way.

I have done plenty of embarrassing things in my life, this is definitely not the worst. but i felt so embarrassed, especially when the front desk person showed up in the morning to unlock my door, wearing friend’s pj with my heels from the night before, hugging my purse and clothes. not good… not good at all….so not again! at least not for a long time!

now sitting on the balcony watching two squirrels fighting over a nut, life is good.. home is even better=)

written two days ago=)

is this the future

Augmented Reality in a Contact Lens
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