New obsession

I am obsessed with Pinterest, where you can “pin” images that you like onto digital moodboards. it really helps me stay organized and inspired. it has now become one of my favorite sites. it’s not perfect, but sure is fun to play with!


Rock Art

little drops of love
little moments of smiles

little pieces of my heartbe my pretty little pet rock

Back to basics

sometimes i wish we can go back to basics, live on a farm, grow my own vegetable, take care of my own animals… though i know i won’t last more than a week.. but one can dream and wonder.

Babylonstoren is a beautiful farm near Cape Town where you can escape the noise of city life, where you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding, eat amazing food, and go back to basics.

one day…

did i mention i am in love?

as artists and graphic designers. tools are very important in our lives, they help us translate our creativities onto paper/computer. inkling is a new wacom must have item. i can’t wait for it to come out in mid sept. that is $200 i will be sure to spend.


YES, i have been MIA for a long while=)

so what happened?

moved three times within the last one and half months,

discovered many things about myself

got a job=) YES!

go another contract! YES

endless of dinners, and laughters

a trip to LA with fabulous girlfriends

a trip to seattle with an amazing girl

in love with mac pro =)

even more in love with a certain someone=)

life is good=)my new home for the next month=)

make a wish

ohh this is not design related, but ohhh sooo cute, not a cat person, but still… can’t resist.

instead of baby crazy, i am animal crazy, can’t wait to have another pet=)

via here


i’m so outraged, judge for yourself

read this and this

this is so disappointing.. come on ABC and FOX! come on!

need vs want

a little humor is good for your sanity =)

a little truth is not bad either

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